Vinyl Cleaning

Vinyl flooring is made of several materials, the most common being true vinyl, thermoplastic, and linoleum, which is making a comeback due to its versatility and good wearing properties. All are smooth, water resistant to a high degree and can be polished to virtually a mirror-like finish. Care must be taken, however, to protect the surface from new, as once the surface finish becomes abraded by foot traffic it becomes progressively more difficult to maintain a highly polished finish and, if the wear is bad enough, it can prove to be virtually impossible. It’s therefore essential to start maintaining the floor surface from the moment it is laid and that is the procedure we’re going to look at now. Here at Heartland Carpet Care we provide professional stripping, cleaning and sealing services for all your Vinyl & Lino floors needs!

What exactly is Vinyl?

When it comes to vinyl flooring, there are several major subgroups that are all generally referred to as vinyl. It evolved from linoleum and is typically a mixture of cork powder or other wood dust, pigments and binding agents that are pressed into sheets. They are then covered with a transparent wear-resistant layer to seal the vinyl underneath and give the tiles a finished look that varies from matte to glasslike shine. Vinyl has always been popular, because it boasts excellent qualities – it’s durable and affordable, looks appealing and is fairly easy to maintain. Of course, one of the greatest things about vinyl flooring is that it comes in great deal of colours and patterns and ultimately, there is no look that cannot be mimicked by vinyl flooring.

What excatly is Linoleum?

Linoleum, commonly abbreviated just “lino” is a flooring material that was first patented in 1863 and its name comes from the main ingredient it’s made from, solidified linseed oil that is boiled and mixed with molten resins, powdered cork, wood dust, fine limestone and other raw materials. Finally, the mixture is formed into sheets by applying heat and pressure. Genuine linoleum is extremely long wearing floor coating that gets stronger with age, because the linseed oil gets harder as it oxidizes slowly over time.

Cleaning & Sealing Vinyl / Linoleum Floor

Our hard floor restoration services include effective cleaning and polishing of vinyl and linoleum floors and their long term protection by employing state of the art equipment and technical expertise. Your floor can look neat and fine once again. We always use non-toxic finishing agents only. Materials and agents that can be of health hazard are not in our product portfolio.

The polish is the uppermost layer of your vinyl or linoleum flooring that prevents dirt and liquids from penetrating and staining the floor.  It should be done periodically, at least twice a year. This involves stripping the previous polish using manufacturer’s approved products and applying a new layer. In most cases dry buffing to achieve maximum shine, surface gloss and durability. While the latter technique is not always necessary, it’s the only option when it comes to dealing with permanent stain, burns and deep scratches. Finally, a freshly stripped floor requires that a minimum of 3 layers of polish for acceptable gloss and surface protection.


Unlike the majority of cleaning companies we offer an all inclusive service, when we clean your Vinyl we;


1.         Pre-inspect floors for any problems, offer professional advice

2.         Dust mop floor or pre-vacuum

3.         Apply cleaner/stripper to start removing old sealer (if needed)

4.         Rotary agitation of old sealer to loosen and dissolve

5.         Extract all standing water and old sealer

6.         Wet mop floor to remove any residue with hot water

7.         Dry Floor

8.         Apply 3 coats of Premier gloss sealer




Annual Services understands that in any business, large or small, it is imperative to control and minimize all outgoing costs as at the end of the day its all about the bottom line


Annual Services is committed to providing  working win win solutions for all of our clients.

We do this by listening to our client’s requirements and formulating the right approach for the best possible results, for the best possible price.


As first impressions are extremely important to any business, clean floor coverings and furnishings are a must.


Annual Services is able to tailor a cleaning and maintance schedule to any requirement, and are available to discuss individual requirements at any time.


The benefits of a regular maintance schedule are


–          Cost Control

–          Extends textile life

–          Less interruption to business

–          Save time and resources

–          Provides a clean and healthy environment




Annual Services offers a 100%satisfaction guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the results of our service we return and re-do the job until you are satisfied, free of charge.