Client acknowledges the definition of cleaning and sanitising is meant to reduce, not kill the growth of bacteria , viruses and fungi.”This work is not warranted to protect against the elimination of COVID 19 (Coronavirus).
Fogging Sanitisation refers to the application of approved products (SDS available upon request)via a atomising fogging machine when applied to whole area surfaces.
The Client acknowledges that “Fogging” is used in conjunction with general regular cleaning practices as per The Australian Government Department of Health Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Principals for COVID 19.
Terms and Conditions
The Technician agrees to perform all work in a thoroughly professional manner , using the most modern techniques and equipment available.At the same time the customer understands that curtain types of stains are so deeply set that it is impossible to remove them completely .In such cases the technician will make every reasonable attempt to clean the carpet, upholstery or tile and grout to the customers satisfaction.In addition , certain defects in manufacture , installation or re-upholstering, as well as condition caused by wear or ageing are sometimes Nat apparent until cleaning is performed. The Technician cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by existing conditions. With regards to upholstery, such condition may include :Fugitive dyes that are not properly set during manufacturing , water soluble markers used on the upholstery , water soluble backing materials ,fabric over-stretched in manufacturing or fabric weakened by excessive stress or over exposure to sunlight.Whilst every effort is made to leave carpets and upholstery as dry as possible , the customer acknowledges that due to special types of carpets and fabrics along with weather conditions that the carpet and upholstery may take up to 48 hours to dry.If required to work or move around household teams , while St all care is taken Annual Services will not be liable for any damages or breakage.

Safety Hints
Try to avoid stepping over hoses , you may trip. Flat-bottomed or sealed-based objects may cause damage , leave off carpet until dry. Hard floors are slippery when walking off carpet , please walk carefully .
Please keep children away from Van and the Technicians equipment at all times .Chemicals may harm. If your lounge has been cleaned please leave cushions off until dry.