Leather is a type of upholstery material that can crack, fade, shrink and sustain permanent damage over time unless it is professionally cleaned and treated on a regular basis.

Annual Services technicians will assess the Loungetype of leather and determine the appropriate cleaning product and conditioner to use.

We will then apply our 5 step process to restore on protect the leather.


  1. Using damp micro fibre cloth we  remove all loose soil materials (dust etc)
  2. Apply powerful professional strength leather cleaner using a clean cloth in a circular motion until soil transfer occurs
  3. Allow to dry
  4. Apply leather conditioner  ( conditioner is formulated to soften and revive leather surfaces active ingredient is lanolin must be done otherwise cleaning agent will dry leather out resulting in cracking)
  5. Allow to dry then gently buff surface


Our Leather Cleaning services will leave your furniture, Rejuvenated and nourished and free from germs, bacteria, dust mites and allergens